Course of the Week Highlight: It's Tough Being the Boss! Let's Make it Easier.

Whether you are an experienced leader or a new manager, being in charge and at the top of the leadership ladder can come with a lot of pressure. It is important to know how to properly handle your position so the rest of your company can benefit from your management. After all, you are the person they look up to! Have you ever thought about skills you may need to enhance? Communication, authority, and relationship skills are just a few critical abilities leaders must grasp in order to become successful, and there is always room for improvement. Being the boss is an exciting, stressful, and significant position, and one that has the power to change companies completely. Becoming confident in your role will help to make your job that much more rewarding!
This week’s featured courses are just some of the many courses on leadership offered in OpenSesame’s catalog! When you complete these courses, you will have a better grasp on transitioning into a supervisor role, creating good relationships between bosses and employees, discovering your personal management style, and learning new leadership skills. Check them out!
You finally have reached a point in your career where you get to show a great amount of leadership in your company—you are now officially the boss! This career change can be challenging, and you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities you are presented with. In the Bud To Boss Toolkit, you are provided with 10 courses and over 10 hours of material to help prepare you for your new role. Courses include training on everything from expectations for your new role, to promoting positive communication and motivation in the office. Get started with this bundle by Vado and get ready to jump into your new career!
As a boss or manager, it is important to develop good relationships in order to create a cohesive company atmosphere. If you are a supervisor, you are largely responsible for encouraging positive employee relationships and setting an example for others to follow. When relationships are successful in the office, it is easier to avoid obstacles and achieve goals. This course by Impact Achievement Group helps bosses and employees to work together to accomplish goals through communication strategy, creating tactics for keeping your boss informed, and how to use your boss as a sound board. Working With Your Boss features 45 minutes of training with audio narration, in-course quizzes, and job aids with reference material. Take this course today and become more comfortable with boss-employee relationships!
Transitioning into a management position can come with a lot of pressure, especially in customer service industries like the restaurant business. Discovering your personal management style is one of the biggest ways to become a successful leader and help to avoid common mistakes. This course by DiscoverLink will introduce you to life as a manager within your first two weeks in your new position and how you can prioritize management decisions, know when to take management actions, and how to align proper behavior with proper attitude. Your First 2 Weeks As A Manager offers 25 minutes of material, including in-course quizzes and pre- and post-assessments of your management style to help you become a well-balanced manager, possessing a good-mix of traits that aren’t too passive or too aggressive. Becoming a manager with a good sense of control is important in becoming a well-rounded leader. Take this course and learn how to make a smooth transition into management positions in the foodservice industry!
Talk about a deal! In this bundle by Syntrio, you get 20 courses to enhance your leadership skills. Leadership is an ability that must be learned, observed, and improved constantly for success. Managers and business professionals of all backgrounds can benefit from this bundle due to the vast amount of courses offered. Whether you are an experienced manager or are transitioning into a higher-up position, this Leadership Skills Bundle is for you. Courses on listening, effective and appropriate email use, interpersonal communication, powerful speaking, and how to hire the right people are just some of the skills you will begin to better develop. With over 15 hours of material and various interactive features, this bundle is sure to make an impact on your management skills.