Course of the Week Highlight: Lead With Confidence

Whether you’re a veteran leader or you’ve been recently promoted into a leadership role, you’ll likely want to brush up your skills with leadership training. While broad-topic courses can be beneficial, sometimes you need specific training for your experience level or role. Here’s where OpenSesame’s extensive leadership content library can help.

Become the best leader you can be, at any stage of your career! This week’s featured courses will show you how.

Featured Courses

Are you a new or experienced leader looking to shake things up and take action? Then this is the course for you! Create a dynamic and productive workplace capable of driving progress by becoming an action-oriented leader. You’ll learn to value progress, be decisive, and never settle for the simple road. Get out of your comfort zone and become a great leader!
By: Vado
Hoping to smoothly transition from peer to manager? Get the support and guidance you need to be successful in your new role from this course. The transition from bud to boss is a challenging but exciting one that brings new responsibilities, new relationship dynamics, and new opportunities for personal and career growth. This course teaches topics including communication styles (dominant, inspiring, supportive, and cautious), feedback, and more.
By: Digital Latitudes
Have you heard the buzz about emotional intelligence and want to learn more? Look no further than this course! No matter your level of leadership experience, you can benefit from emotional intelligence tips and techniques. Identify emotions and reactions that impede development of productive workplace relationships and achieve greater self-awareness, self-control, and self-motivation.