Course of the Week Highlight: Prepare for Q4 with an End-of-Year Compliance Refresher

As we move closer to Q4, compliance topics are once again top of mind. Need to get that last minute training in? We can help your company and employees stay safe and legal! With our wide variety of off-the-shelf options, our courses are a quick and easy way to make sure you meet your 2014 compliance goals and deadlines. From OSHA to sexual harassment to HIPAA, the courses in our library are ready to help!

This week, we’re featuring three courses to jumpstart your end of the year compliance initiative. Looking for AB1825 sexual harassment training, respectful workplace training, or electronic communication and social media training? Start here!
This course meets California’s AB1825 two-hour harassment training requirement. Users are guided through over 40 video scenarios teaching about anti-harassment and retaliation policies and situations. Empower your team to understand the various ways their behavior negatively impacts others and the harm that bullying, disrespectful behavior, retaliation, and harassment can have on their coworkers. Learners are challenged throughout the course to show their understanding of the topic and receive immediate and in-depth feedback about why one response is more effective and the other responses are less effective in identifying or resolving that harassment/discrimination situation.
Help your organization build a framework for an efficient and effective means for educating employees about respectful workplaces and how to address harassment of any kind. This course covers why harassment is a problem for companies, what qualifies as harassment and what does not, harassment prevention, legal liabilities and defenses, organization policy, corrective actions, and addressing complaints. Create a more respectful, tolerant atmosphere in your workplace.
Get legally compliant training about company and worker responsibilities involved in the use of electronic communication and social media in the workplace. Ensure your staff know what is appropriate and inappropriate use of electronic communication and social media, know your legal obligations regarding their use, and explore the consequences of misuse. Cut down on workplace bullying and harassment by ensuring employees understand online communication can be instruments of harmful discrimination. Employees will also be able to apply practical strategies to avoid the breach of any company or legal requirements regarding the use of electronic communication associated with the workplace.