Course of the Week Highlight: Share Ideas and Encourage Innovation

Creativity and inspiration don’t always come easily (as sometimes happens while I’m writing blogs!). Many of us struggle to find new and unique ways to accomplish tasks in both our personal and professional lives. Whether battling with a personal hobby or goal or working through issues of culture and employee engagement at work, we can always use a little help. eLearning may primarily be thought of as a way to teach technical skills (programming, OSHA safety, etc) or traditional soft skills (sales, marketing, etc), but online training can also work for subjects such as creative problem solving and company happiness.
This week’s featured courses are perfect for finding that spark of inspiration. Get started today!
How much do you know about basis of your personal creativity? Want to dig deeper? Explore a new generation of ideas, concepts, and thinking with this course seeking to spur creative inspiration. Get insight into creative tools, SCAMPER, DO IT, random input, vertical and lateral thinking, mind mapping, and more!
In demanding personal and professional environments, you need to come up with unique and often unconventional solutions. Though you may not think you’re naturally creative (guilty!), you can learn; this course is a great place to start. Get the skills you need while saving 20% on this course and all of Axis-V’s library, now until September 24! (Discount will show at checkout).
When you’re happier, you will perform better at work, communicate better with your family, and achieve a more fulfilling social life. By participating in these immersive simulations and tutorials, you will gain insight into techniques you can use to improve your happiness that will impact every area of your life. Evaluate your current location in The Four levels of Happiness and learn how to improve your life.
Up your written communication game with this in-depth, 2 hour writing course. Through video simulation and quizzing, learn the techniques you need for creating all types of documents and correspondence in a way that is clear, concise, and conveys a professional image.
How do you get inspired? Share your tips and experience in the comments!