Course of the Week Highlight: Simplify Your Life

Life is a balancing act. Balancing work, a social life, eating right, working out, alone time, hobbies, and a multitude of other things you want to do can seem pretty close to impossible. There are give and takes you have to handle everyday. Sometimes work has to come before a social life and hobbies before working out. The key to finding a balance in all this mess is simplifying. What does it mean to simplify your life? Simplifying your life is cutting through stress by organizing your life and figuring out what is most important to you. Our featured courses this week help you organize, prioritize, and communicate so that you are better able to get through the ever-present stresses of life.

Simplifying your life isn’t easy, and one of the biggest hurdles is a lack of prioritization and organization. When you are surrounded by work to do and throw yourself into different tasks haphazardly, it is easy to get overwhelmed and fail to perform important tasks or finish projects. Prioritization gives you a sense of control over your available resources. This 30-minute course featuring high quality audio narration and inline quizzes; it provides you with the tools you need to prioritise tasks and manage time effectively. Simplifying your life is easy when you’ve honed your focus to your core responsibilities and no longer allow unimportant tasks to drain your attention.

Have you ever spent an hour on a single email because it’s really important and you really want it to be read? This is a drain on your precious, and extremely limited, time. It allows other, sometimes more important, tasks to pile up and stress to skyrocket. Being able to write a business email quickly, easily, and without stress gives you the opportunity to refocus on what is important. Covering everything from making action items stand out to writing persuasive emails and striking a respectful tone, this 50-minute course prepares you to consistently write wow-worthy emails without the stress. Featuring job aids and reference materials, detailed content, and high quality audio narration, this course will help you give your emails the attention they deserve without the drain on your time.
You have ideas, and sometimes you sit around and think about them and how great they are and how much they would help your home or workplace. But does anybody know about your ideas or methods? This four-part series prepares you to improve your communication and unleash your creativity and problem solving into the workplace. Instead of wasting time reinventing the wheel, your company could be better utilizing the skills of employees. This improves efficiency, which decreases stress, which makes your workplace a more productive, positive place. In 24 minutes of video and inline quizzes, this series gives you the tools to simplify your workplace quickly and easily.