Course of the Week Highlight: Stay Up-to-Date in Your Healthcare Career

If you work in a healthcare environment in any capacity, you have an immense amount of responsibility for the health and safety of your patients. Your training doesn’t end after your often extensive of schooling is over. Ongoing training is of incredible importance in this field because of the numerous important things you need to think about and be aware of. You are expected to adapt as philosophies, expectations, and procedures change. This ongoing training helps you protect your patients, improve their experience, and keep them happy.

This week’s featured courses are just a few of the vast collection of courses relevant specifically to the healthcare field offered in OpenSesame’s catalog!

Medical errors are a huge problem in the healthcare field. They can lead to mistakes that have high monetary, reputational, legal, and health costs. This 3-hour course fulfills requirements for license renewal within patient safety, root cause analysis, and medical error prevention. Focused on replacing a culture of blame with a culture supporting honest reporting, this course helps you build a successful plan targeting known problems within your healthcare facility. Topics covered in Reduction in Medical Errors include the process to improve patient outcomes, recognizing error prone situations, identifying factors that impact the occurrence of errors, defining the process and benefit of multi-causal analysis, and more. Take this course today and bring your company one step closer to providing reliable, error-free medicine!
Healthcare facilities are unique in the sense that a single healthcare facility can have patients with all manner of diseases and illnesses (some of which have the risk of spreading) under one roof. One of these risks is bloodborne pathogens. If you work in a healthcare facility, you need to be aware of and understand the impact of bloodborne pathogens. This 30 minute course can help you save a life by giving you the knowledge you need to identify bloodborne pathogens, understand how certain diseases are transmitted through blood, determine your risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens, protect yourself from exposure, and respond appropriately if you are exposed. Featuring high quality audio narration and engaging inline quizzes, this course will help you handle and avoid blood related hazards!
When you work with patients you are, even if it isn’t your title, a customer service representative. Customer satisfaction is important in any business and is absolutely vital when working with patients in a long-term care facility. It is your job to ensure their happiness; luckily this course will set you on the path to service success! Upon completing this course you will be able to consistently provide the highest quality customer service by understanding the importance of customer service in long-term care, knowing who your customers are and what their expectations are, and successfully applying customer service concepts specific to long-term care. Quality audio narration teaches you concepts and inline quizzes check your learning to ensure that when you complete this course you will have the best customer service in the business!