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Course of the Week Highlight: Time Management, Sustainability, and More!

Welcome back to our Course of the Week Highlight where we feature elearning deals from around OpenSesame! You’ll save on a variety of courses from tech & software, compliance & safety, business skills, to industry specific (construction, medical, restaurants, etc). This week’s deals include savings on time management, sustainability, and more!


Business Skills

Often it may seem there isn’t enough time to do everything you need to do, leading to a build-up of stress. This course looks at the effective use of time and how to both prioritize work and allocate the right amount of time to activities. Time management skills are essential for every manager and team leader—learn now for only $7 through December 17.

Compliance & Safety

A sustainability plan should be developed within the context of the organization’s culture. This bundle presents the process and framework for developing a plan based on an analysis of your organization’s needs and resources. Methods for identifying the appropriate metrics and monitoring systems for a sustainability plan are also outlined—a steal for only $10 through December 17.

Tech & Software

This course gives attention to the knowledge, skills and resources managers need to design and maintain a company management information system. Through December 17th, receive training on topics such as business process, evaluating bidders, ethics, security, funding, and managing IT for only $30/user.

Industry Specific (Construction, Medical, Restaurants, etc)

Focused on the American gas market, this course covers everything you need to know about the key players, pricing structures, and more. Learn about the principles of supply and demand, risks to the market, how gas merchants profit, as well as why prices can be volatile—all for only $39 through December 17.
All deals run through December 17th, so get started today!
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