Course of the Week: Improve Your Computer Literacy

Remember when being “computer literate” was as simple as knowing how to send an email or download an app? Now, understanding how to protect yourself, and your company, online has become a crucial part of computer literacy—but learning these skills doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.

Whether you are building the applications or are the person using them, this week features easy-to-follow courses addressing cyber crime, what to know and how to be proactive in protecting yourself online. For additional resources on cybersecurity, check out our blog post from earlier this month on how to avoid security “frights”, as well as our guest post on which details how OpenSesame protects our employees and customers.  

Privacy is a major topic of discussion today, both in the media and in business. While computers and the internet have revolutionized how we do business, they have also brought up cyber crime and privacy issues. This course informs employees about cyber crime and how they can protect themselves and their company. This course is a must-take for security professionals and developers!

Mobile devices, while making business interactions quick and convenient, can be an IT nightmare as teams struggle to keep up with and protect against security breaches and compliance problems. Learn how to mitigate risks and maintain a safe and secure mobile computing environment at your organization.

Threat modeling is important for organizations wanting to design and develop secure applications; it allows you to identify potential vulnerabilities early in the process (fix them now and save yourself time and money later!). Understand the value of threat modeling and use it in your own systems today!

Curious about cryptography? Start here with this course on the basics: fundamentals of using keys and algorithms to encrypt data, key management, hashing, digital structures, random numbers, and more. Increase your security (and create unbreakable passwords!) as you become a cryptography pro.