Course of the Week: Refresh Your Goals & Skills for Spring!

As the sun begins to peak out and temperatures return to a comfortable level, many of us are getting the itch to organize and refresh our homes. Spring cleaning season is upon us, and it can be just as beneficial to your professional life as your personal one. As we head into the second quarter, now is a great time to reevaluate goals set earlier this year, as well as refresh skills that may starting to become stale after end-of-year trainings. To help you start your professional spring cleaning, check out this week’s featured courses and deals which include planning for employee appraisals, brushing up on typing skills and more!

Business Skills

Appraisal Season Special Bundle
By: Timely Intervention

Evaluating employees can be a difficult process, made more so without a clear vision for the company and each employee’s role. The Appraisal Season Special Bundle from Timely Intervention can help set a company vision, as well as encourage your team to find their “sense of purpose” and understand what they contribute to the success of your organization. Discover how to set SMART, CLEAR, and MAP goals for yourself and others. Included in the bundle are: Creating Vision, Mission, and Values; Enabling Great Performance; and Effective Goal Setting. Snag this bundle for $73.50/learner.

Compliance & Safety

Intro to OSHA
By: Technology Transfer Services

Explain to your staff why OSHA is important with this one hour course from Technology Transfer Services. Get a better understanding of your employer responsibilities under OSHA and discuss the use of OSHA standards. Ensure your employees know their rights through pre-assessment and inline quizzes, and be ready for your next OSHA inspection with this course—80% off through April 29.

Technology & Software  

Learn How To Touch Type In 90 Minutes
By: KAZ Typing Tutor

The ability to touch-type more than doubles productivity, as well as reduces stress and Repetitive Strain Injury. This incredibly fast and easy professional typing course from KAZ Typing Tutor will get you started in only 90 minutes. No need to wade through dozens of lessons, hours of boring typing drills, or typing tests. Options for both the US and UK. Master the keyboard in minutes instead of hours for only $7.48/learner through April 29.

Image Credit: Moyan Brenn via Flickr