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Course of the Week: Simplify Complex Topics

eLearning courses are a great medium through which to tackle complex topics. The delivery format of an online course allows you to pause the lesson to take notes and return to previous sections for review. Additionally, OpenSesame gives you access to a course for a full 12 months from launch, providing you with the option to refresh your knowledge as often as you need to feel confident. 
This week we are highlighting elearning courses using the advantages of the online format to really help break down and simplify complex topics—everything from technical writing to understanding credit risk.
Engineers, scientists, and technology workers of all kinds need to produce a variety of documents such as reports, summaries, manuals, and guides. Communicating technical concepts, however, can often prove more difficult then crafting emails. If you are in one of these highly technical roles, this one-hour course will get you professional writing ready with discussions and examples of how to improve technical writing and solve common writing problems. The course includes inline quizzes to provide opportunities to practice what you learn.
The world can be considered to be made up of a variety of different kinds of objects—and this mobile-friendly course covers how to use them with a clear understanding of their interactions. In less than 15 minutes, you will receive an overview of objects, their purpose and how developers use objects in development. 
How much do you know about the applications of credit derivatives at your company? Geared toward financial and accounting professionals and accredited by the Institute of Certified Bankers (ICB), this 60-minute course will help you get up-to-speed on credit risk in corporate portfolios, uses of credit derivatives as a tool for transferring credit risk, and present users of credit risk.
Struggling to get full investment in your training program? Solve your training woes with this course from Jake du Toit—featuring his easy-to-use, results-oriented communications model. His course, which includes video and simulation, will help your company build a culture of learning among your employees through consistent and meaningful messaging.