David Glow on OpenSesame beta testing: fast, straightforward administration

David Glow on OpenSesame beta testing: fast, straightforward administration

I was extremely impressed when I recently performed beta testing for OpenSesame.

The value proposition of this service is simple:
    •    Elearning developers can upload and sell standards-compliant elearning
    •    Companies can purchase content, which will operate on any Learning Management System (LMS)

Win-Win.  Developers get an opportunity to widely market and profit. Companies get a rich marketplace of courseware to purchase without external content implementation headaches.

I am a Superadministrator for an Enterprise LMS system in an organization with extreme security requirements. Over the past 7 years, I survived many attempts to coordinate access with external ‘vendor’ content. It was always a complex challenge to maintain the “handshakes” between the LMS and content deployment systems, which invariably resulted in a poor end-user experience with multiple interfaces and login layers. This LMS setup represents THE litmus test, the beta-test nightmare; I have seen premier content vendors struggle to meet requirements and deploy content properly.

OpenSesame’s setup was extremely straightforward. In mere minutes, the content was running seamlessly through the LMS with all the functionality and reporting intact;  no issues or complex workarounds, no blocked functionality, and a smooth, seamless end-user experience.  I was also beta testing SCORM Cloud for a client and decided to run a second test. Again, after just minutes, everything was working perfectly.

As a developer and a Superadministator of LMS systems, the benefits of this service are obvious. I look forward to being an OpenSesame client on both ends of its value equation.

David Glow is a Chief Learning Architect for Business Critical Learning. David has evaluated, implemented, and administered LMS systems and deployed thousands of assets to tens of thousands of users across several languages and countries for higher education and private industry (often in extremely regulated environments). He has over a decade of experience from both the vendor and customer perspectives and provides high level LMS architecture consultation for several companies, including private lectures for a Fortune 100 organization’s Center of Excellence. He can also be found speaking at public conferences and webinars. David can be reached on LinkedIn.