The Economics of Education

Education. Education is something that has ubiquitously changed and improved lives and humans since the dawn of humanity. It has constantly been undergoing new developments and changes, and with the rise of the internet, it is changing once again. eLearning; hailed as ‘the new future’ is already sweeping the earth due to its ease, instant availability, and its precision of topics. Many embrace eLearning, while some fear it and do not trust it. Regardless of your stance on eLearning, investing in it could be one of the smartest moves to make.

According to, the LMS market will be worth almost 8 Billion Dollars by 2018. This may seem low, but it shows a massive increase in value from a previously non-existent market. The entire eLearning market will be worth an estimated 51 Billion Dollars by 2016.

The biggest concern with eLearning is that it is unsuccessful and destroys the intrapersonal teaching/learning experience. These concerns make many investors weary of even approaching eLearning as a possible financial prospect. However, case studies show that eLearning is very successful at imparting knowledge and being a better overall method than traditional teaching strategies.

Education is a strong investment in the modern economic climate because of the existence of the current knowledge-based economy. E-learning can contribute to economic growth by increasing access to education in society as a whole, while simultaneously avoiding constraints related to location, time, and intervals of teaching and learning systems. eLearning also allows many people to have access to education who would not otherwise.

eLearning is indeed the future, the only reasonable decision is to embrace and invest in it, leading to a full realization of your investment, and a revolution in education.