eLearning (and OpenSesame!) Goes Global

So far in 2014, 46% of OpenSesame’s traffic has come from outside the US. What does this mean for us as a company? Both content providers and learning management companies are becoming increasingly global, and so are we!

Currently, elearning is a $56.2 billion industry, on track to double by 2015. Forecasts predict the elearning industry to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (ACGR) of 25.81% over the period of 2013-2018. The “Global E-learning Market 2014-2018” report suggests the introduction of HTML5 is a major reason for this. By decreasing the need for specific apps for elearning and increasing browser compatibility, HTML5 (as an alternative to Flash) has opened up elearning to a large, learning-hungry global market.

More than 41% of global Fortune 500 companies use some form of educational technology to train employess; that number is expected to rise in the coming years.

Here at OpenSesame, we’ve seen the global growth of elearning firsthand. We have buyers around the globe in places including Spain, Brazil, Nigeria, India, China, and Australia. The fastest growing elearning markets are Malaysia and Vietnam; the Asian market is expected to grow by 17.3% over the next five years. The elearning markets in the Middle East and Africa are also seeing growth (at 8.2% and 15.4% respectively), and both are expected to see revenues of over $500 million by 2016.

The Learning Management System (LMS) market is also seeing significant growth, expected to grow at a 12.0% CAGR. The top five LMS companies have an “audience” of more than 132 million users.

To meet these international needs, OpenSesame has partnered with many global companies, including Epignosis, creator of the eFront LMS and TalentLMS, who has more than 60 channel partners worldwide. Founder and CTO of Athanasios Papagelis calls OpenSesame and Epignosis the “perfect partner fit” to integrate content and LMS. eFront will be able to offer a content consumption gateway to end users with ease. Convenience is the key element in our global partnership!

We’ve also increased our language training offerings by partnering with Living Language and many other providers (such as Cegos, Pronto Spanish, Speexx and Demos Group (a new provider who will be bringing on many more courses in multiple langauges in the near future!)) to meet the needs of an increasingly global workforce. We recognize many of your employees may prefer to learn in a language other than English. In fact, we now offer courses in over 15 languages!

How does your company handle international and global training needs? Let us know in the comments! If you’re looking for training for your team, we’d love to help