Employee Training Courses Are The Foundation

For managers, training is often a short term project – providing employees with the skills they need in the short term to accomplish new projects and improve productivity. But investing in training and development is not just a way to improve employee performance – it’s a great way to boost employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.

When you invest in creating a training program, you’re also investing in your long-term talent pipeline:

  • Skills development shows employees you value their contributions and wish to support employees’ career growth
  • Filling future talent gaps from within the organization reduces pressure on human resources and strengthens internal culture
  • Employees who grow within an organization become stronger mentors, developing the next generation of leaders for your company

Offering employees online training courses means they can partner with their managers and the human resources team to participate in a customized, individualized package for their needs, including elearning courses and other less formal activities like sharing with colleagues, reading and writing blog posts, and working in teams.

Online training courses are flexible, sharable and accessible learning opportunities that bring learning into the workday – making it simple for companies to offer training to their employees instantly. As a marketplace for elearning courses, OpenSesame’s goal is to make one leg of the employee learning stool – access to learning content – as convenient as possible.

Interested in learning more about online training? OpenSesame now offers the world’s largest catalog of employee training courses with more than 21,000 courses you can offer your employees.

(Image course: Márcio Cabral de Moura’s Flickr)