Enhancing the eLearning Experience

eLearning is all around us, from the classroom to the workplace and there are tons of providers too. But what can you do to make sure learners not only enjoy your content but also take something away? Here are three tips for enhancing the elearning experience:

1. “After this lesson you should be able to…”

Yup, it’s that simple. Most people want to know what they are getting upfront and taking elearning courses is no different. Therefore letting learners know all course objectives is imperative. Not mentioning this can lead to uncertainty and learners may begin to question the course asking things like: Why is this important? What should I be listening for? What will I get from this?

Also, including objectives in the beginning of the course shows that you have considered the user’s experience and that’s always a plus.

2. Pop Quizzes

Let’s be honest, no one really likes pop quizzes but they definitely serve a purpose. Giving a mini pop quiz after each objective does three things:

  • Shows learners that this point is of high importance

  • Tests their knowledge so far

  • If they do poorly on the quiz, they now have an idea of what content they should revisit

Think of these quizzes as a check-up before the final assessment. And really, who wouldn’t want a heads up on what’s going to be on the exam?

3. Looks are important!

There’s a pretty standard setup for elearning courses: intro, content, assessment. So how can yours stand out in a crowd? One word: design. It’s easy to have bland colors, bullet points, and slideshows, but why not spice up your design? Consider using bold colors, text hierarchies, interactive images, and maybe even incorporate some virtual reality into your next course. Having the reader engaged due to content is one thing but adding attractive aesthetics is definitely a bonus.

Using these three tips should engage learners even more and ultimately enhance their overall elearning experience.