OpenSesame catalog search enhancements

Find new training content easily with new OpenSesame catalog search enhancements

Maximize the value of your elearning investment.

We often hear from our customers that our extensive, high-quality catalog is one of the primary reasons they choose OpenSesame for their elearning needs. While a large, comprehensive course catalog is crucial for a successful training program, finding the courses you need without the proper tools can be challenging and time consuming. 

Nevertheless, finding, curating, and deploying fresh, relevant content regularly can make the difference between a poorly-utilized program with stale content and a thriving learning ecosystem that exhibits the value of training to your stakeholders.

Find the content you need, faster.

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations like yours develop effective training programs with our world-class tools and services such as the machine learning-driven OpenSesame SmartLists, OpenSesame Curated Lists, and personalized curation assistance from our team of experts.

And now, we’ve enhanced the catalog search and added recommendations to your results to further help you find the courses you need as well as discover new content more efficiently. Check out these time-saving search enhancements today. 

An intuitive way to search.

When you click the Search courses box OpenSesame catalog you’ll now see the most popular search terms used in the catalog—a quick and convenient option to browse trending training topics. 

Popular search term examples

As you begin typing your search term, you will see new search suggestions grouped by Popular searches, Lists, and Courses—helping you eliminate misspellings while displaying relevant topics that match your entry. 

Search type example

When you search by a specific term or select a popular search topic from the menu, you will see courses and now Curated Lists filtered to match your search. 

When you select a Curated List from the Lists section (if applicable to your search), you will go directly to the Curated List details where you can follow or duplicate the list, add the courses to your LMS, and more.

Meaningful, relevant content recommendations.

As you browse or search the catalog, you will now receive grouped course recommendations, including:

    • Curated Lists for you: Curated Lists relevant to your search terms that help you easily find and deploy curated training paths for popular topics and skills. 
    • Popular courses for you: course recommendations based on your search and usage history to help you find more of what your learners like.
    • New courses for you: new courses recommended specifically for your organization to help you energize your training program.

Catalog recommendations

For more information on how OpenSesame can help you find the right elearning courses for your training program, contact your Customer Success Manager, our Customer Support team, or call (503) 808-1268. 

And don’t forget to check out the OpenSesame Community to get answers to your questions, find tips and tricks for your training program, and network with other OpenSesame customers.