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Fitting Your eLearning Program into Larger Corporate Strategy

In order to see the results you want from your elearning program, your training strategy can’t exist in a vacuum. Having well-trained, highly skilled carpenters in the office doesn’t help you if you own a printing company. Therefore, before you spend a cent on elearning courseware, online books, or any other online learning tools, you need to deeply understand your corporate goals.

Ask employee managers the following question:

“What three specific skills would – if perfected by your team – take workplace effectiveness to a new level?”

Note: It’s important here to be specific. “Sales” and “customer service” aren’t good answers. “Closing a sale with the CEO of a mid-sized company” is much better. Management is likely to be hyper-aware of corporate strategy and the skills necessary to implement it, as corporate metrics are their mark of success (or failure).

Once you have collected a list of targeted competencies, you can begin to make an informed decision about the type of elearning courseware you’ll need to achieve the goals of your corporation.

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