Five Ways to Write Great Course Descriptions

Five Tips for Interesting Course Descriptions

If you’re a seller in the OpenSesame elearning marketplace, your course pages are a key opportunity to make an impression on potential buyers. Here are the five essential steps to creating a great OpenSesame course page:

  1. Add an interesting selection of images. Customers’ eyes are captured by images – so upload several beautiful screenshots of your course to capture their interest. Allow customers to preview your courses, so that browsing buyers can sample your course and get a feel for the content.
  2. Be detailed but not long-winded. Buyers usually have specific questions: What features does this course include? What topics does it cover? Who is the intended audience? Use all of the different components of the OpenSesame course page to answer buyers’ questions before they ask. No need to write a novel, though! All of the text on your course description page should be around 300 words.
  3. Do keyword research. Keywords in your course descriptions attract traffic from search engines. Use the Google keyword tool to find suggested keywords related to the topics of your courses. Work them into the text on your course description page.
  4. Get some reviews. Browsing buyers love to read honest, helpful reviews. Ask your existing customers to write a short review for you sharing their experiences with your company’s courses.
  5. Make it professional. Proofread your copy to make sure it’s free from typos and errors. Need help? Want a second opinion? Ask us to give your profile a once-over and we’ll make suggestions for improvements.

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Image credit: @Doug88888 on Flickr