Frank Lee Shares His Fundamental Steps of Leadership

At OpenSesame we’ve been fortunate enough to welcome Frank Lee, leadership professional and founder of Frank Lee Associates, to our office to share some of his  leadership and management training. With expertise in management, leadership, team, and organizational effectiveness, Frank has been educating our office on a range of professional development topics that we’ll be featuring on our blog.

In Frank’s introductory session, he covered thee three fundamental steps of leadership, a topic relevant for both individuals in a leadership or management position and for employees looking to advance their careers and improve their leadership abilities. Frank’s coaching on leadership covered communication, conflict, and proactive change, while his three steps emphasized the importance of considering your future goals as well as the present reality. Whether or not you’re currently in a management or leadership role, Frank’s vision of leadership is relevant and valuable for professionals at any stage of your career and personal life:

1. Future Vision

Future vision is the larger goal you want to see yourself achieve. According to Frank, the sports theory of visualization can help with realizing your future vision. Where do you see yourself in exactly one year from now? Try picturing it as vividly as possible, paying attention to sensory details that you can picture experiencing. The more compelling and clear your future vision is, the more likely you are to realize it.

2. Current Reality

If future vision is the driving motivation for leadership, the current reality is your present stage. In contrast to where you see yourself advancing, you must assess where you are currently in your personal and professional life. Frank explains that the gap between your current reality and future vision is what should compel you to move forward to achieve your future vision.

3. Initiatives and Interventions

Initiatives and interventions into the normal status quo are what propel your leadership skills forward. Frank explains that leadership requires conflict and change as leaders search for new and innovative ways to disrupt “business as usual.” Consider how you can hone your leadership skills as you seek interventions and initiatives to challenge the status quo.

Stay tuned for our continuing posts on Frank Lee’s leadership training and let us know in the comments below what you think about the fundamental stages to leadership!