Free eBook: Tips For Marketing Your eLearning Initiative

One of the most common frustrations we hear from prospective customers is a lack of interest from employees in training and development programs. Often employees show high initial engagement, but either lose interest or forget about the opportunity without continued exposure. Keeping learning top of mind and exciting for employees can be challenge, so we built a toolkit to help our community increase usage and engagement around their elearning initiatives.

Trump the Usage Slump: Tips for Marketing Your eLearning Initiative” is our fourth ebook in our series dedicated to building a successful elearning program. The ebook expands on topics covered in our popular blog series, as well as includes additional exercises to help develop your marketing messages. “Trump the Usage Slump” also provides examples of marketing collateral you can adapt for your company, such as launch emails, weekly emails, and more! Other topics covered include:

  • Creating objectives connected to employee benefits
  • Branding your initiative
  • Keeping employees engaged once you’ve launched

Download your free copy of “Trump the Usage Slump: Tips for Marketing Your eLearning Initiative” and get your employees excited about learning at your company!

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