Friday News Roundup: Going Back to the Future of HR, Preparing for Affordable Care Act, and More

Here at OpenSesame we’ve been reviewing top HR blogs, looking for the most interesting content to share with our readers. This week we discovered HR needs a revamp, tattoos still matter, and more.

HR of the Future: Looking back on predictions from 1997
While Carol Anderson was cleaning out her office, she found an article from 1997 about the future of HR. What’s changed in HR in these 16 years? The sad truth may be, not much. How can HR reinvent itself to be more effective?

Would You Hire Someone With a Visible Tattoo?
Are tattoos still a workplace taboo? See the results of more than 560 votes from a poll on HR Bartender this week. Tattoos are still contentious in the workplace, but given that 40% of adults have them, they may be becoming more acceptable.

5 Things Small Business Owners Should Do to Prepare for the Affordable Care Act
This article covers exactly what the Affordable Care Act means for small business. Determine your eligibility for Health Care Reform and how to deal with related technicalities!

Hardest Jobs to Fill
A new survey from CareerBuilders shows even though jobs are opening up, they aren’t necessarily being filled. Ironically, 35 percent of hiring managers have positions that have been open for 12 weeks or more.

Image Credit: renatodantasc via Flickr