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If you’re interested in the answers to questions about what makes a movie profitable, how to succeed in the entertainment industry, and which steps you should take to protect intellectual property, Von Johnson’s The Business of Entertainment courses are immensely helpful.

Von Johnson has worked in the film industry for over 30 years. His extensive work with The Walt Disney Company, Turner Broadcasting, Universal Television, ITC Entertainment and a VOD start-up in Silicon Valley has resulted in a personal network of highly successful creative and business people alike, such as former Disney Studios Chairman Peter Schneider and Randy Greenberg, executive producer of Cowboys and Aliens.  When UCLA Extension approached Von about creating courses about the business side of the entertainment industry, he gladly accepted. This opportunity allowed him to combine his personal expertise with an extensive network of industry contacts to create excellent courses that provide practical guidance and suggestions for establishing a successful career in the entertainment sector.


The Business of Entertainment elearning courses blend the energy and engagement of a well-delivered TED Talk with the insights crucial for a complete understanding of the entertainment industry. Johnson and the star cast of guest speakers blend big picture thinking, depth of professional experience and practicable advice that learners can put to work in their careers today. Get started with courses including:


For entertainment industry professionals seeking expert guidance on combating piracy, experienced executives share their successful strategy for protecting intellectual property in the entertainment sector.


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