Head to Head: INFOGRAPHIC: Microsoft Word vs Google Docs vs LibreOffice

This is the second post in our new Head to Head series, where we compare and contrast a variety of topics! Don’t miss eLearning Versus mLearningState vs Private Colleges, and be sure to check back for another post!

There are some tools that every business, no matter the industry or size, cannot live without. One of these tools is document software. Specifically software that fulfills all your company’s document, report, and collaborative needs. Microsoft Word is the most familiar software of the type, but it is far from the only option. Each sporting different features, benefits, and drawbacks, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and LibreOffice are all contenders for the document software in your office and personal life. While every company needs this kind of software, the specifics of their needs differ. Your company might want something more collaborative, or maybe you need more options, or you might be limited by price. With so many variables it may be hard to make decisions; luckily we’re here to help.

Let’s compare!