Maximus head shot

Hello from our new Growth Marketing Lead!

Howdy! My name is Maximus Kang and I’m the new Growth Marketing Lead for OpenSesame.

I’m based in Seattle, so having the 30 second commute every morning is a huge perk. What excites me most about OpenSesame is the potential it has to grow in the online/digital space. Recently, I realized where I heard about OpenSesame prior to joining the team. There was a Harlem Shake video that I happened to see.

Maximus in MMA gear

Probably a good thing that I wasn’t there for that…otherwise I would’ve stolen the show!


Prior to joining OpenSesame, I was running two of my own companies that are still running themselves today. Ranking Channel is a digitalconsulting agency focused on helping mid-sized companies develop a strategy to make their presence known online. While I’m not a bodybuilder by any means, Crazy Muscle is an eCommerce supplements company whose core values reside in helping people get fit, not necessarily the supplements. I’ve also had the opportunity to work at some large tech companies doing online marketing. I feel that over the past 7 years of being in this space, I’ve made plenty of mistakes to learn how to fail fast and find the winning idea quicker.

Maximus baby daughterI am a new father to an incredibly amazing little daughter and am married to the most amazing woman who fires me up to move mountains everyday. With what little spare time I can find, I enjoy learning more about the things that help me do my work better and also wrapping up my knuckles and playing nicely in the ring.