David Boe

Hello from Our New Senior Account Executive David!

I am genuinely delighted to join OpenSesame. Over the last several years I’ve worked in sales and business development in the translation industry, most recently working for Powerling and its subsidiary Atril Solutions, selling foreign language translation services and related software.

I grew up here in Portland and graduated from PSU but had the amazing good fortune to also spend some significant time living and working in Europe, spending two school years at the Université de Poitiers in central France. As a result, by the time I finished my BA in Marketing, I had enough language credits to get a BA in French, and a big head start on my Master of Arts Teaching (MAT), also in French.

One of my StrengthsFinder skills accurately described me as a lifelong Learner, which explains the thrill I felt in acquiring a language. But in a larger sense, I have always felt that learning and related personal growth is deeply rooted in my DNA. This is just one of many reasons that my connection to OpenSesame seems so natural and profound.

In my spare time I’m an active musician and author. I play principal trumpet with Portland’s Jewish Community Orchestra, and also play lead trumpet for a swing orchestra, with occasional big band jazz gigs on weekends. In addition to performing, in late 2012 I released an e-book, now a “best-seller-in-its-category” on trumpet playing for Amazon’s Kindle e-book platform. (It’s a small category, but I’m particularly proud to have written a #1 selling e-book!)