Help us improve how quickly you find courses and gauge how your training program is performing

We’re committed to providing you with the best elearning courses, tools, and services available to ensure your learners are engaged—while streamlining and simplifying how you manage your training programs. You may have seen some of the recent enhancements we’ve made to Lists or heard about new courses we’ve added to our catalog; for example, Small Acts Collectiona leadership microlearning bundle from Mindscaling.

This year, we’re also focusing on improving the efficiency of your training program through automated course curation and recommendations as well as enhanced elearning reporting and analytics.

Course curation and recommendations

Our dedicated Customer Success and Curation teams are here for you as your trusted advisors to help you find the best courses possible. However, at times, you may need to find courses quickly on  your own. We are improving our catalog’s search capabilities and automating course recommendations so you can find the courses you need quickly and easily.

OpenSesame Lists are the most common way to curate courses to address various training needs. We will be adding a new way to search for courses in your Lists with a new “Add courses” pane where you can see courses relevant to a group of courses you have already selected and then filter the related courses by seat time, language, and more. Later, we will be adding automated course recommendations based on courses within the List and group, your search parameters, and customer ratings.

Here is an early sneak peak of the new “Add courses” pane in Lists:

eLearning analytics and ease of use

Measuring the effectiveness of training programs can be challenging. To save you time and provide a clear picture of your elearning program’s performance, we will first make it easier to find and manage everyday tasks like browsing and curating courses, and updating your account settings and preferences.

Later, we’re enhancing your administrator dashboard to show metrics like course usage, completion rates, and trends over time. You will then be able to customize your dashboard, benchmark your company’s training program against other organizations like yours, and identify gaps in your elearning courses as well as how to improve engagement in your training program.

We value your opinion

We are here to help you be heroes in your organization and make your job in L&D easier. As we work on these new tools, we want to meet with you to ensure we are simplifying your daily tasks and helping you create engaging training programs.

You can provide feedback to us in several ways: