Save time and money with elearning

Help your company save time and money with elearning

Properly training your employees not only ensures that everyone is working to their full potential but it also helps your company retain talent. According to the National Research Business Institute, 23% of employees leave due to a lack of development, opportunities, and training.  Implementing elearning can be a solution for these issues. A recent ILX Group survey showed that 51% of HR decision-makers said that ongoing elearning has a direct effect on boosting employee morale, satisfaction and longevity. 

When it comes to professional development, traditional in-person training can be costly. 85% of dollars spent on classroom training is on delivery (instructor time, travel, rental space, etc), while switching to elearning can eliminate these costs entirely. 

eLearning also saves time by increasing the productivity of your workforce. Due to its flexibility and ability to customize, elearning demonstrates a 60% faster learning curve than instructor-led training. Allowing each learner to complete the training at their own pace means that employees can complete courses in their downtime rather than having to fit a training into their already busy schedules. eLearning also supports a geographically widespread workforce since employees can access courses wherever they are. 

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