Erin McCune

Hi From Our New Sales Manager

Hi! I’m Erin McCune, Sales Manager here at OpenSesame. I’m thrilled to be onboard with such an amazing team of people and am excited to play an integral role in launching the success of the sales team to new heights!

A native Oregonian, I was in the first graduating class at Wilsonville High School, and promptly went as far away from my parents as I could get, to Wellesley College. However, my “flying home” habit became prohibitively expensive (40,000 frequent flyer miles in nine months!), so I transferred back to Reed College and got my BA in Biology.

I quickly found out that jobs in my field didn’t pay my student loans (plus I love people too much to be in a lab all day), so I started in sales and haven’t looked back! I spent over nine years at Integra in a variety of roles, from outside sales to sales training manager to sales manager, and built a skill set that serve me extremely well as a sales leader at OpenSesame.

I’m a firm believer in a “work hard, play harder” mentality and enjoy all the requisite Oregonian vices (in moderation, of course): food, wine, beer, coffee, and bikes. I also love to kayak and go camping and spend time with my daughter—crafting, playing piano, cooking, and playing with the dog.

A closet nerd at heart, I have a soft spot for math jokes and puns and am constantly in search of the most elegant and efficient way to accomplish a task. Though I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and ask a lot of my team, I work alongside them every step of the way as we complete it; I’m enthusiastic about the amazing potential I see in the OpenSesame team!