How Has FranklinCovey Changed Your Organization? – Share Your Story and Win

Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is an international bestseller – bringing a framework for positive change and effectiveness to readers’ personal and professional lives.

The OpenSesame team is no different. At the OpenSesame office, we meet every Friday to discuss The 7 Habits – focusing on how we develop as individuals to make OpenSesame a successful company and a pleasant place to work.

Our key metrics are certainly important to us. Around the perimeter of our office statistics flash on flat screen monitors affirming progress towards our goals, and alerting us to the areas requiring improvement. But we recognize that without having a similar anchor in personal values to guide us, all the metrics in the world won’t help OpenSesame achieve its full potential as a company. We need to reflect where our personal successes and failures lie in order to develop a deeper understanding of what we need to change in ourselves to be more successful professionals.

We’re giving you, our readers, a chance to reflect on the ways FranklinCovey’s message and materials have impacted you and your organization. We’re giving away 5 free seats of a FranklinCovey course to the company or individual with the most thought-provoking, inspiring, touching or entertaining answer to the following prompt:

“What is your favorite 7 Habits for Highly Effective People “ahha” moment?”

Join the conversation on Twitter here. Be sure to tag your submission with #7Habits or @opensesame – we want to be sure we see what you come up with!