How Much is Having Stressed-Out Employees Costing You?

How much is having stressed out and sleep deprived managers and staff costing your business? Does investing in corporate wellness really make a difference? My guess is stressed out and sleep deprived staff are costing you A LOT financially, emotionally, and physically. Who really has the time to address these issues in your business?

You might well say it’s not my concern if people are stressed out. Well listen up to these two fact! It might scare you a little about how much it really is effecting your financial situation & bottom line…not to mention the general level of productivity of your staff. And those at the top of their game, the leaders, the CEO’s, CFO’s, and business owners, are the most likely individuals not coping with work and life due to “the two biggest” health epidemics of the 21st Century.

How much is the stress epidemic costing you?

Back in 2012, the World Health Organisation said stress affects 66% of all employees. That’s two in every three people working in your organisation claiming to be having difficulty dealing with tasks at work because of stress. It is costing American businesses up to $300 billion EVERY YEAR.

What about a good night’s sleep?

The shocking findings of a Study by the Harvard Medical School, released in January 2013, claimed 30% of staff & managers had poor job performance as a result of insomnia ( It’s costing the US economy $63 billion every year. Combine stressed out staff with your people NOT getting a good night’s sleep & your business is being run by “the living dead.”

It’s costing billions of dollars to the American economy, let alone adding in the international economy; it’s only getting worse.

Honestly ask yourself, if you had to rate your stress levels and lack of sleep, would you say you’re operating at better than 50% yourself? My guess is that it’s way lower than you’re really prepared to admit. That’s because we always tell ourselves little lies like: “I’m okay, suck it up and get to it” and another of my personal favourites “harden up.” How can you ask and expect your managers and staff to be fully firing on all cylinders if you’re just keeping yourself together?

Have you considered that “Corporate Wellness” is something to invest in?

It should be a priority in terms of cost vs outcome for staff and your bottom line. It’s the cheapest form of any type of “staff training” you will ever invest in. It will pay you back thousands, if not millions of dollars. There are options for you to get control back of your mental state & physical well being. Are you motivated by having happier, more productive employees and managers and want to make more money? Then listen up!

I’m well qualified to offer some hope. My own 20+ year consulting business deals with these issues every day, assisting our clients to really understand how debilitating these two issues are. We have seen how the effect of the inception of a corporate wellness process has massively shifted the bottom line of businesses and how much happier and more productive people are.

Shock, horror…you say they are actually enjoying their work and are more willing to come in and be productive? Sick numbers leave numbers are down too. Does this resonate with you? Maybe not yet!

Take a few minutes, OPEN your eyes to your business and what is happening around you.

This is what we see when we go into a business:

  1. Not addressing these issues leads to a lack of productivity up to 50%
  2. Sleep deprivation and stress levels rising
  3. High staff turnover (very costly to replace)
  4. Weight gain
  5. Physical and mental exhaustion
  6. A feeling of being in a state of greyness and blurr.

But wait there’s more! The outcome of NOT attending to corporate wellness:

  1. Leads to poor decision making
  2. Infighting with staff
  3. Lack of leadership at all levels
  4. Lack of self responsibility by individuals to participate in a positive way in your organisation
  5. Not to mention the increase you see in staff of the dreaded D word—The black dog of Depression.

This ALL affects your bottom line in more ways than one, for the better.

Much of this can be turned around. You can start taking full responsibility for things to change and it must start with the LEADERS of any business. Taking a few minutes every day to look after yourself, to gain a sense of control and quietness within, is the first step forward. To manage your own stress and to get a good night’s sleep is key. Setting up good small changes in habits to support the shift is all that’s needed.

You WILL start making better decisions and the feeling of just spinning your wheels will go. You will have better relationships and a better bottom line? But who has the time for taking care of yourself?

Time is a massive issue for business – we all want to use it better, but HOW do we make the shift?

This is why I designed the Corporate Wellness tools to assist businesses and my own clients to overcome some of these issues.

The tools designed by Body Mind Breathing are VERY quick and VERY easy to learn, with only seven minutes for one class. Many of the classes are designed to be done in public and take less time than it does for a tea break. They directly address the issues around mindfulness, stress & anxiety, sleep deprivation, superfast relaxation, headache relief, getting your energy back, and pain relief. They are just so useful and so beneficial for yourself and your staff. They have been tried and truly tested by thousands of professionals and staff who now bring them into their daily lives.

It’s a VERY small investment for a VERY BIG turnaround in your own personal satisfaction with your life and business. Your staff will shift with in a few days of actually doing the classes. What is stopping you now from making this seemingly ONE very small change for a massive payoff? Go and check out for yourself the Corporate Wellness 7 Classes – 7 Minutes to Calmness & Clarity Courses here on OpenSesame.

Millie Swann is a Master Teacher of Meditation & Yoga – her knowledge & skill has been extensively tested by thousands of students. Many of her students are busy professionals, students & everyday people who just want to live a happier & calmer life.