How to prepare for the new 2018 PMP exam update

If you or your employees are planning to schedule your Project Management Professional (PMP) exam on 26 March or later this year, you will be taking a revised version of the exam that references the September 2017 release of PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition, instead of PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition. Be sure you are prepared!

Why the change?

The PMP exam is updated to ensure consistency in terminology, process groups, and tools that are being referenced in the PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition. Since the PMBOK Guide was recently updated and is the primary reference for the PMP exam, the exam now needs to be updated as well to reflect any changes.

What is changing?

Changes in the PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition release include:

  • A new chapter on the role of the project manager that focuses on effective leadership — including necessary competencies, experience and skills.

  • Two renamed Knowledge Areas that more accurately reflect which elements can be managed and which cannot:

    • Schedule Management (formerly known as Time Management)

    • Resource Management (formerly known as Human Resource Management)

  • Every Knowledge Area now features four new sections:

    • Key Concepts

    • Trends and Emerging Practices

    • Tailoring Considerations

    • Considerations for Agile/Adaptive Environments

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