Tools to Adapt Your Courses to SCORM Standards

Tools to Adapt Your Courses to SCORM Standards

OpenSesame relies on the widely-recognized SCORM and AICC standards to ensure that we can connect any author’s courses to any learner’s LMS.  Standards are like chalk on a chalkboard: they are the tools that enable us to keep our promise to unlock elearning for authors and consumers through a simple, open marketplace.

We have heard from many content creators who have mixed SCORM and non-SCORM content within their libraries.  Perhaps their lessons meet the SCORM standard while their quizzes are delivered through a non-SCORM interface.  What to do to ensure that your complete course works in OpenSesame?

We hear you, and we are working on two possible solutions.  First, we are developing a feature that will package multiple forms of content together, in order to combine a SCORM-package lesson with a reformatted SCORM-compliant quiz.  This would enable authors to revise their quizzes to meet a SCORM standard and then combine the quiz with the lesson without reformatting the entire lesson package.  Second, we are discussing the possibility of creating a quiz-making tool within the OpenSesame system. This function would be a simple way for authors to convert their content items or perhaps add more options to their lesson plans.  Would this be a useful feature for you?  

While we work on creating these functions within OpenSesame, we have some some recommended alternatives for repackaging your content to meet SCORM standards.  There are great pointers on all of these sites:

Please share any other pointers on converting courses to meet SCORM standards in the comments.