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Computer Security Training Courses – Why They Matter


It isn’t just for geeks. Why? Because the success of the company is the responsibility of every employee.

Every employee needs to know what can jeopardize the company’s computer infrastructure. The reason is simple. One wrong action could crash the system or leak confidential information. These could become disastrous for the business. And when they find out who did it? Well, you can guess the rest.

That’s why computer security training courses are so critical. Everyone within an organization needs to know the right and wrong type of cyber behavior.

Key Training Concerns to Keep In Mind

  • Corporate training needs to be easy, accessible and highly focused.
  • Online training courses provide the best of all possible worlds.
  • Such e-learning should allow the student to take the training at their own schedule and pace.
  • Courses should allow students to pause training and come back to continue where they left off.

Without such training, an employee might innocently take a disk of work home, unknowingly download the newest and deadliest virus and take it back to work the next day to infect the entire business system. But what about the antivirus software? Even antivirus software companies need to be notified of new threats so they can create the defense. Key logging malware can track system passwords allowing unscrupulous thieves entry to the system’s most sensitive areas. And there are many other possible dangers.


With Open Sesame, computer security training has never been easier to obtain or more rewarding.


Key reasons why you should take your training with us:

  • Thousands of courses from which to choose—from business to compliance.
  • E-learning programs for companies of any size.
  • Online availability—24/7.
  • A marketplace of training choices—multiple vendors.
  • E-learning courses that work in any LMS.
  • Purchase just the courses you need, in the quantity you need.


Having so many vendors in one marketplace environment allows you to compare with greater ease.


And getting the training you need is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Enter the marketplace. Browse from a catalog of thousands of fresh e-learning courses. Find out more about the course sellers, read course reviews and preview courses. Shop the e-learning marketplace.
  2. No complicated contracts. Only buy what you need. Purchase courses by the seat or site license (unlimited use in your LMS for one year). Create your account to get started.
  3. Use courses in your LMS. After your purchase, merely load your course directly in your LMS. Your users’ information will be tracked in your learning management system. Download a course to test in your LMS.


And if you have no time, we’ll help you find what you need. Just let us know what your training and development goals are and we’ll blueprint a training curriculum with a wide selection of top-notch course options for you to review.


We’re here to give you the best in computer security training. Simply click the preceding link for more information.