Go Beyond Basic e-Learning Software to Create Engaging Content

Creating Engaging E-Learning Software

Creating effective elearning courses is kind of like building a collage: a bit of video here, a couple of graphics there, a simulation here and eventually everything comes together to create an engaging and informative experience.

If you are an e-learning developer, you know that different media and design techniques are appropriate for different learning needs. The key to building a unique learning experience is keeping your mind open to using new tools and approaches. Here are some tips and ideas for breaking you out of your elearning design ruts.

Go Beyond Basic e-Learning Software to Create Engaging Content

  • Build a diverse toolkit. Use a variety of tools – not just Articulate and Captivate! – from Photoshop, PowerPoint, Screenr, Audacity and Xtranormal to get inspiration for new ways of doing things.

  • Read blogs. Find tips, and tools that inspire you to try new tools and techniques next time you open PowerPoint template to create a workplace safety course. If you use Articulate, Tom Kuhlmann’s Rapid eLearning Blog is full of free images, fonts and templates.

  • Tweet. Stuck on a difficult problem? Looking for a creative suggestion? Access the elearning community on Twitter and other social networks to ask for help from community members around the world.

  • Think mobile. When you are using your iPad or other mobile device, think about the ways you access and consume information in that environment. Think about elearning content you could build and share for learners to use on the go.

  • Don’t get stuck with Arial. Looking for a quick way to freshen up the look of your elearning content? Explore free fonts online to move away from using the same old fonts. And never use Comic Sans.

  • Share your ideas. Discover Screenr to share your tips and tricks with your peers and colleagues quickly through screen capture video.

When you creatively tackle the design experience, learners will get more out of it and appreciate your originality.

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OpenSesame solves the content conundrum for both buyers and sellers. It’s that simple. For more information about OpenSesame, meet our management team, read our blog or find us on Twitter.

Image Credit: See-Ming Lee on Flickr