Sales Training For The Big Win: Successful eLearners

Sales Training For The Big Win: Successful eLearners

If you are creating or selecting sales training content, how can you ensure that your course will effectively engage and motivate a learner to successfully complete the online learning program?

Some learners will motivate themselves. Highly self-directed learners thrive in the online learning or elearning environment, as they can direct their own work and focus on the knowledge and skills that will be most useful to them.

However, the elearning environment is very different from the traditional school environment, and some learners may require more support to enable them to engage successfully in online learning opportunities.

To make the most of the elearning experience, the learner must proactively engage with a wide variety of materials – from viewing audio, reading notes to listening to podcasts. Learners will also derive the most benefit from their elearning experience by building a personal learning network online through forums, social media, chat and email.

Sales Training – The 4 Traits of Successful eLearning Courses

Whether you are buying or selling elearning classes on sewing, safety training, cooking or sales training, make sure that your elearning course has these characteristics in order to engage every learner:

  • Attention: Your elearning course must create curiosity and retain learner excitement. Your course must have a clearly articulated objective and ensure that each aspect of the sales training course relates directly to that objective in order to maintain a high level of learner attention.
  • Relevance: Ensure that the elearning course you are buying or selling clearly explains how the learner can connect the elearning experience to real-life sales situations. How is this informationg going to affect the learner’s sales work?  
  • Confidence: Make sure that the sales training course you buy or sell creates a positive learning experience that reinforces a student’s confidence in his or her sales skills. As the saying goes: “Whether you believe you can or can’t do something, you’re right.” Make sure your training course provides positive, useful feedback that helps a learner feel empowered to tackle new goals.
  • Rewards: Successful elearning courses exhibit interactive features that establish goals and provide feedback to learners to keep them on track. For example, a sales scenario that challenges the learner to make choices about a conversation with a customer and coaches them on how they can improve will help customize the experience and make it more rewarding.

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