8 Reasons to Use eLearning to Meet your Training and Development Goals

8 Reasons to Use eLearning to Meet your Training and Development Goals

Here’s how businesses and organizations used to meet training and development goals:

  • Send employees back to graduate school or other professional training opportunities.
  • Hire trainers to lead in-house training sessions.
  • Purchase books, manuals and self-study materials.

OpenSesame is an elearning company because we believe that elearning provides significant advantages over all of these methods. (To get our definitions straight, elearning is educational, training or personal development content consumed in an online environment.)

Training and Development – 8 Meaningful Reasons to Try eLearning

Here are 8 reasons why your organization or business should use elearning to meet professional development goals:

  1. Personalized schedule: Each learner decides how and when to access learning content based on personal and work schedules. Because the content is always available, each learner can create a personalized learning experience.
  2. Save money: Purchasing elearning resources offers cost savings in comparison to creating and delivering in-person, instructor-led training. Reduce time lost to travel and lost productivity.
  3. Learn anything: Whether your colleagues need workplace safety training, compliance training, customer service training, leadership development or basic math skills, there is a great elearning course on the topic. Probably more than one.
  4. Flexibility: Enable your employees to study anytime and anywhere. All they need is a computer and Internet connection.
  5. Go at your own pace: eLearning courses are designed in modules that allow learners to work at their own speed, deciding how long they need to study each concept and revisiting it as many times as they wish.
  6. Room for discussion: Learners augment their study of elearning content by participating in online discussions on Twitter, Quora, online forums or blogs and delve even deeper by engaging with subject matter experts and fellow learners.
  7. Practice makes perfect: Many elearning courses include simulations that enable learners to put skills to work in practice scenarios.
  8. Confidence boost: When learners complete a course successfully, they develop confidence in their own abilities and willingness to take on new responsibilities.

OpenSesame connects the buyers and sellers of elearning courses in a marketplace where elearning courses are easy to publish and connect to any LMS. Our goal is to create a community where both buyers and sellers thrive and eLearning is accessible, easy to implement, and rewarding for everyone.

Shop for elearning courses on OpenSesame to:

  • Purchase only the elearning courses you need, with no long-term commitments or complicated contracts.
  • Use any learning management system that works for you. We don’t discriminate.
  • Our patent-pending technology ensures we instantly connect course content securely to any LMS in minutes, instead of months.

OpenSesame solves the content conundrum for both buyers and sellers. It’s that simple. For more information about OpenSesame, meet our management team, read our blog or find us on Twitter.

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