corporate training where you least expect it

Imagine Corporate Training on Rocket Thrusters

Corporate training need not be boring. In fact, it can be an exciting adventure. All it takes is the right attitude and the right opportunity.


The most valuable attitude to have is one which expects to find value in everything encountered.

Imagine, for instance, a boringly simple traffic signal. Green, yellow, red, green, yellow, red—it turns through each color and back again. Most people give it notice only for the function it offers—that of controlling traffic and pedestrians.

And yet, one day many years ago, one pedestrian in particular stood on the corner looking at the changing signal and imagined the invention of a device which amplifies light by stimulating the emission of radiation. That device today is better known by its acronym, “laser” (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation). Certainly the guy was a genius, but he also had curiosity, imagination and an attitude of “what if.”

That same attitude could find value in the questions and suggestions of a child. One NASA engineer who had been working on a team tasked to create a universal docking mechanism for spacecraft mentioned his “unsolvable” problem to his pre-teen son. The young boy merely shrugged and asked, “Why not use a funnel?” With humility, even the brightest minds can find solutions in simplicity.

Have you ever taken a textbook long after the course is over and scanned it to see what you could remember? Even if you aced the course, have you ever experienced “discovering” something seemingly new by going over the material with fresh, but more mature eyes? This is the attitude of discovery.


Now imagine, instead of a traditional classroom setting, online training courses for everything you need in corporate training. And now imagine a marketplace of e-learning where everything you could possibly need is in one location—where different vendors of corporate training brought their wares for you to sample and compare.

Let us say you need to come up to speed on customer service training. Perhaps you need to go from beginner to guru in days. What better location than such a marketplace where you can take training from multiple vendors. By learning from one, you might get the basics and a sense of the entire field. By learning from another, you fill in gaps left by the first. By learning from still another, you not only review the material, but you learn it within a different context and application. By taking a number of customer service courses, you gain from the insights of multiple experts. By your attitude of expecting discovery, you overcome the “boredom factor” of going over the same material again and again. You see it with fresh eyes hungry for learning every possible scrap.

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