Importance of Coworker Relationships

You spend the majority of your day at work–you sit at your desk, finish your tasks, and repeat the next day. Amidst all of this work in a professional environment, you come into contact with an assortment of people–coworkers in your office, on your team, or just people walking past you in the office. Whatever position they may hold, these daily interactions with your co-workers are valuable opportunities to develop strong relationships. Here are three benefits you get from coworker relationships:  

  1. Collaboration

Whether it’s a team project, or whether you need advice or suggestions, your coworkers are there for you. You can’t always go straight to your boss when you need help, but if you have close relationships with your coworkers, you know you can depend on them to help you generate ideas, and be your consultant? Teamwork is an incredibly important skill, and essential in effectively communicating and producing collective work.

  1. Social Life

If you’re a full-time employee, you’re going to be spending most of your time working, and the rest of your time catching up on sleep and relaxation. You might be thinking: all I need is netflix, my couch, and a can of beer. On the weekends though, you will want people to talk to, and people to spend time with after a long week of work. Lunch breaks are also better spent with company, and it’s a good time to give your mind a break.

  1. Connections

Whether you plan on staying at this company for the rest of your life, or you’re planning on looking for more opportunities, it will be important to establish a strong network of people who are willing to attest to your skills and abilities. The people in the office recognize your work habits and your capabilities better than anyone–so make sure they have a good impression of you!

Treasure these office friendships! Your coworkers are the people that will understand the struggles you experience in and out of the office. How have friendships with your coworkers influenced your work? Let us know in the comments below!