Improve Your Emotional Intelligence and Foster Office Cooperation

How much do you know about emotional intelligence? Unless you have a psych degree or have already taken training in the subject (good for you!), chances are, not much. Emotional intelligence (or your “EQ”) is the “ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.” Effectively increasing and understanding your emotional intelligence is critical for both work and home. 
We’ve put together this list of courses to first help you develop you emotional intelligence, then hone other related skills such as conflict resolution, team building, and understanding diversity. Get started here: 
This emotional intelligence bundle prepares the learner to develop the skills necessary to forge strong relationships, collaborate with team members, and act appropriately in complex situations where emotions may run high. Emotional intelligence is an important skill that can be honed and developed—start today!
In this course, learners will discuss the techniques and strategies that can be used to limit the damage and disruption conflict in the workplace can cause. While conflict is inevitable, ensure your employees are prepared to handle it in a professional manner; this course covers types of conflict, confrontations, and more.
Intended for employees in a variety of workplace environments, this course from JJ Keller stresses the importance of teams, fundamental traits of strong teams, forming teams, team communication, and more. Help your team become a more cohesive unit, and help employees become better team members at the same time.
Save over 50% (regularly $44/learner) on this course from NexLearn through October 29! Diversity is a hot topic in today’s workplace; make sure your team has a solid understanding of diversity and its value in the workplace. Empower your staff to overcome barriers to diversity and communicate effectively with a diverse workplace.