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Infographic: Harness the Full Potential of the Mature Workforce

Editors Note: Today’s post and infographic are provided by Rebecca Lindegren on behalf of MBA@UNC

There is a widening skills gap in the workforce. “Industry brain drain” is a contributing factor, in which increasing numbers of mature workers leave the workforce, resulting in a loss of vast amounts of valuable knowledge and experience. Help these employees make their “comeback” to the workforce, while also helping your bottom line. 

The consequences are imminent for many sectors. The skilled trade and health care sectors will have a deficit in the U.S. by 2020, and the U.K. will have a shortage of more than 10,000 accountants by 2050. There is huge potential in the mature workforce, but many companies are failing to take advantage of what these individuals have to offer.

One way firms can build a stronger workforce is by identifying how the education system, whether an online MBA program or individual industry-specific courses, can align with their needs. By empowering mature workers with the flexibility of elearning, employers can better train them on new and evolving practices. This kind of training helps minimize economic losses, as well as give these companies a competitive advantage.

Tapping the Full Potential of the Mature 

Workforce Infographic via MBA@UNC
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