Infographic: What Every Manager Should Know About The Generations

In the same way birth order stereotypes may be 100% on target for some individuals, while completely untrue for others, generational stereotypes possess a duality. While generalizations about every member of a generation should be avoided (ie. all millennials are technology-obsessed, and boomers are self-absorbed workaholics), sometimes behavioral trends can be helpful. They suggest ways that managers might be able to orient their training or project management style to suit employees of all ages and increase productivity.

With an increase of  Generation Y and the introduction of Generation Z into the workforce (those who have never lived without the Internet), many questions arise for the decision-makers in a company. A formalized office space, or relaxed workplace? Group projects or individual tasks? Thick manuals for protocol training, or online courses?  

Each company and its needs are undeniably different, but the following infographic illustrates what managers and leaders alike should keep in mind when thinking about the generational divides that exist in the workplace.