June 2022 OpenSesame Plus Publishers

OpenSesame is proud to announce Safety Instruct as one of our newest educational partners, offering 200+ interactive, high-quality courses covering safety, business skills, compliance, as well as other industry-focused proficiencies. Safety Instruct offers a fast track to learning, with a focus on employees being able to retain all that they’ve been taught.

Safety Instruct features actual employees in the spaces they do their jobs, using their knowledge and real-world experience in demonstrating essential safety skills. Training topics are brought to life by those who know them the best, resulting in workers comprehending the materials better and feeling better connected to the coursework.

Spencer Thornton, Senior Vice President of Curation, says “Safety Instruct helps employees not only learn how to be safer in what they’re doing now, but also sets them up for success in dealing with issues or challenges that may come up in the future.”

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