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Kicking off Learning Resolutions for 2014

The holidays have always been a time of reflection for me. For a short while, the world slows down as everyone takes time to connect with friends and family. This short window of calm is a great opportunity to think about the accomplishments and lessons of the previous year, as well as what I learn and apply in the new year.

Last year, we asked many thought leaders from the elearning industry to share with us their hopes for the coming year. Our Learning Resolutions for 2013 series included the likes of Elliott Masie, Judy Unrein, Bruce Graham and more. This year, we’ve expanded the series to our partners and sellers, asking them to share their reflections from this past year and their insights for 2014.

Next Friday we’ll launch the Learning Resolutions for 2014 series with Jeff Havens from BigPow Training, and will continue the posts each Friday through the end of January. Join us in reading the lessons learned and future plans of our elearning colleagues and share your own insights in the comments.


Image Credit: Chicago Art Department via Flickr