OpenSesame Announces Partnership with KochaSoft to Expand IT and Cloud Services Training Software

Measurable learning and development experiences for IT-focused enterprises to push their workforce into the future with the power of cloud training

Portland OR– 23 October 2021– OpenSesame, a market-leading SaaS global eLearning innovator, announced a partnership with KochaSoft to expand their IT-focused offerings to provide enterprise organizations with mission-critical cloud and SAP training.

KochaSoft, a cloud training and education company that formerly delivered customized courses to global cloud leaders and IT consultants, is rapidly expanding its topic library to include topics other than SAP and the cloud. This library will feature Office 365, Cybersecurity, Web Development, Machine Learning, and several other IT disciplines. These courses are critical for IT-focused organizations to succeed in the future, and they will teach skills in high demand.

“In the workplace, we are always on the lookout for new ideas. KochaSoft is one of the best IT-focused learning management systems on the market, and they are transforming the way employees train. Their strategic partnership will expand our IT course offerings via their LMS, allowing businesses to manage corporate training and assess the commercial impact of their IT training programs. We could not have asked for better collaboration.” -Tom Turnbull, VP of Partnerships. 

Employee training has changed and will continue to change. People are working remotely and remaining active members of their teams regardless of their location. Traditional, or only in-person training, is no longer enough in light of this change. It is not only inflexible and expensive, but it is also ineffective for modern organizations, forcing employees and leaders who are well-versed in enterprise technology to be in great demand.

“As organizations grow and evolve their workforces, IT skills are more and more in-demand. It’s becoming increasingly less economical for large organizations to recruit this talent, so learning and development have become a necessity,” said Bruce Chen, Director of Marketing at KochaSoft. “OpenSesame is the perfect partner to help us offer new courses to serve other areas of their IT education needs in a scalable, synchronous fashion.” 

The OpenSesame collaboration with KochaSoft provides over 25,000 courses to assist enterprises in Canada and around the world in developing more analytical and actionable learning.

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About KochaSoft

KochaSoft specializes in IT-focused training solutions through its flagship cloud-based learning management system (LMS) and Cloud Experience Center. The training was specifically designed to develop leaders, upskill large enterprises and normalize their competency with previously complex IT and cloud systems. To learn more, visit

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