Leading Meetings the TED Way: 5 Takeaways

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 42% of people are still currently working from home. As this situation continues, it’s critical to create a workplace environment that focuses on the wellness and productivity of your employees. In a recent OpenSesame webinar, Kayla Nalven, Director of Content Experience for TED@Work, discussed one of TED’s approaches to fostering a productive environment – by creating meaningful meetings that promote ideation, collaboration, and respect. Check out the five essential takeaways from the webinar below to help your workforce learn and thrive through better meetings.

Five essential takeaways:

  1. Anchor DEI conversations with individual, human stories

In tackling bias and fostering inclusion, it’s important to enable meaningful conversations that encourage team members to share their stories and learn from one another. Learn more from TED@Work through these courses published by TED on igniting critical DEI conversations in the workplace. 

  1. Build an environment for authentic exchanges

Creating space for authentic conversations can help relieve burnout, according to TED speaker Liz Fosslien. Kayla suggested providing opportunities for teams to “build muscle” at having open, honest conversations about topics that matter to teamwork, individual well-being, and business challenges. TED@Work courses each come with tools to help your team use TED Talks to spark exchanges.

  1. Create opportunities to spark connections at scale in a hybrid workplace

Most companies we talk to are looking to continue to build a culture of learning at all levels, but may lack a large L&D team. TED offers a solution that encourages discussion-based learning at scale, called Meetings-in-a-Box. Meetings-in-a-Box, offered through TED@Work and OpenSesame, powers dedicated learning sessions (60- or 90-minutes) inspired by TED Talks. With these turnkey toolkits, discussion leaders of all levels are empowered and equipped to organize and lead their sessions: making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

  1. Equip managers with the right tools to make them partners in learning

It is important that managers are just as involved in the learning process as your end-learners. If they show a desire to improve and allot time for learning, it encourages and inspires the entire team to take your L&D program seriously as well. There are many great elearning courses through TED@Work your managers can take to help improve skills on important topics, such as giving feedback, establishing trust or managing for learning versus performance.

  1. Build confidence about spreading your ideas through public speaking

Speaking in front of your peers can be incredibly nerve-wracking when you don’t feel prepared or confident in the way you communicate. TED’s official public speaking course, TED Masterclass offered through OpenSesame, helps learners explore how to more effectively use storytelling, persuasion, and data to move their colleagues to action. This self-paced course, guided by TED’s Head Curator, Chris Anderson, will help you craft your best ideas into compelling narratives to share with others and the world.

To learn more about TED@Work and leading meaningful meetings the TED way with Kayla Nalven, check out our dedicated TED page, watch the webinar recording at the link below, and get started today.

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