Learn a New Skill: Become a Writing Pro

Writing is an essential skill we use every day, but it is also one that is oftentimes overlooked and forgotten about. Strong writing abilities can help you get your point across in an email, make an application stand out from the rest, and maybe even help you to write the next best-selling novel. Many times, we don’t notice when someone is an eloquent writer and instead only notice when they aren’t. Although your school days may be behind you, writing is an essential skill, and it never hurts to touch up on a few tips and tricks.

Edit, Edit, Edit

No matter how great a writer you are, proofreading and editing your writing is a necessary step in the writing process. Nothing is perfect; even great authors have gone through multiple editing processes to produce the final piece sitting on your bookshelf, so it should be no surprise that you will need to edit your writing multiple times as well. Whether it’s an email, a report, or an actual book, editing is a necessary evil. Refresh yourself on effective editing techniques for sentences and paragraphs so you can set yourself up for writing success.

Writing as a Business Skill

You might not necessarily think of writing as a business skill, but it is one of the most important skills you can have in the business world. Although you may have received an A in high school English, academic writing is a very different subject than business writing. Being able to effectively and efficiently organize an email or explain to a consumer what it is you’re trying to sell them will not only save you time, but will make you appear more knowledgeable in the subject area, giving you more credibility. Enable your future success in business writing by trying out a few of OpenSesame’s courses such as The Effective Business Writer or Business Writing.

Make Grammar Your Best Friend

Do you want to improve your writing, but find it hard because English isn’t your first language? Or maybe it is, but you’re someone who has always struggled with the grammar aspect of the language. To be a strong writer, you need to understand the bones of the language, or in other words, you need to have a strong grasp on the grammar side of things. Never fear, OpenSesame’s catalog offers plenty of basic grammar and English courses designed to help you master the basics and beyond of the language and prepare you for literary success in any aspect of your life. If grammar just refuses to be your friend, try out the Core English Grammar and Writing Bundle for eight effective and helpful courses designed to enhance your grammar and enable you as a proficient writer.

Ready to become a great writer this year? Start now and let us know in comments how your journey’s going! Great writing is important to us, so we’d love to hear how you’re doing.