Learning Resolutions for 2014 Wrap-Up

The short window of calm between the holidays and the chaos of returning to work provides a great opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments and lesson of the previous year. Better than most, learning professionals understand how to apply those lessons moving forward into the new year. These lessons and insights are tools we wanted to bring to the entire OpenSesame community.

The Learning Resolutions series invites learning professionals to share their reflections on the past year and their goals for the new year. We are proud to share the highlights and we hope this amazing collection of Learning Resolutions inspires you. You can also download the collection to help keep you motivated year round!

  1. Inject More Humor by Jeff Havens
  2. Successfully Measuring ROI by Bruce Graham
  3. Dealing With the Data Deluge by David Glow
  4. Be Better, Not Right by Julie Dirksen
  5. Get Better As the Boss and the Wild and Crazy Guy by Jeff Dalto
  6. Be the Change by Pamela Conway
  7. 5 Steps to Better Time Management by Kevin Thorn