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Learning Resolutions: Inject More Humor

Hello, and welcome to the end of the year! If you’re like me, then you’re already sick of New Year’s resolutions because they never seem to work out the way you want them to. For example, every year I hope to lose weight with the ultimate goal of becoming invisible, but it just hasn’t happened yet. And don’t even get me started on my 2011 resolution to command my very own helicopter army.

However, when it comes to our business, resolutions are a lot easier to come by. Our entire goal is to make learning as entertaining as possible, and there just so happen to be a ton of areas of education that could benefit from some humor. So here it is – our resolutions for 2014!

Take a Subject Literally Nobody Thought Could Be Made Funny and Make it Funny! We get a huge kick out of making something fun that nobody thought could ever be fun. In 2013 we created training programs on several topics, but the two least-likely topics ended up being ‘ethics’ and ‘dining.’ Seriously, we found a way to make conflicts-of-interest and napkin-folding hilarious. This year we’re shooting for something along the lines of tax law or selecting the right mattress, but we’ll take anything. We can do easy subjects like leadership and conflict resolution as well, but the more obscure ones are more personally rewarding. So hit us with your best shot!

Get Hit in the Face With a Pie for Charity! That one’s already in the works. We’ve contracted with a company to show how much fun it can be to donate to charity, and – spoiler alert! – there will be a pie involved. Plus a lot of other things. And you thought ‘donating to charity’ wasn’t entertaining!

Educate People In An Even Weirder Costume Than This Year! Some of our training is virtual, but some of it is good old-fashioned live, in-person stuff. This year, I just so happened to present change management solutions to a group of bankers while wearing a giant blue mohawk wig. (They asked me to, by the way.) Here’s hoping that you have an even more outlandish request!

Thanks for helping make 2013 our best year of business ever. We’ll look forward to entertaining you in 2014 as well. But be careful! You might accidentally learn something useful, too.

Jeff Havens is a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and author of “Unleash Your Inner Tyrant!” who addresses leadership, generational issues, and other areas of professional development through a unique blend of content and entertainment. He has been a regular guest on Fox Business News and featured in CNBC, BusinessWeek, the Wall Street Journal, Training Magazine, and Bloomberg News. Connect with Jeff on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and check out Big Pow Training