LinkedIn: How-To

In the digital era, more and more employers are performing thorough background checks on prospective employees, and are using online sites such as LinkedIn to discover everything they can about a certain individuals career, educational, and professional history. Even outside of a background check, LinkedIn is akin to an unofficial resumé, and is checked by anyone interested in hiring. So how do you make your LinkedIn into something unique, special, thorough, and ultimately representative of who you are as a person and as an employee?

The first thing you need to do is create a LinkedIn page. After you’ve created it, fill out all the required sections but make sure to remember to get a unique URL that relates to your name and/or profession. Make sure the surface is solid: have a good photo, a strong headline, be cordial and optimistic in your language while making sure to avoid buzzwords.

The next main mistake that people make is in the details. You need to make sure to add multimedia examples of your work to your profile, showing that you understand technology while also demonstrating your work. Even if you are unemployed, make sure you have a current job entry for your most recent job. Strategically update your status, add connections, and add all extra work/work-related occupations. And after all of this the most important thing to remember: DO NOT overdo it. Keep your profile saying the absolute most in the absolute least amount of space. Quality is much more necessary and important than quantity.

Anything we missed? Other tips to make that perfect LinkedIn page? Shoot us a comment in the section below!