Living Language and OpenSesame Partner to Offer Language Training Courses

In global economy, being able to pick up a language quickly can often mean the difference in making a good impresson, landing a dream job, or even traveling safely. Fortunately, language training is now increasingly available in a mobile capacity, meaning you can access the training you need, when and wherever you need it. This need for more agile language training is why we are pleased to announce the addition of 40 Living Language courses to the OpenSesame library. 

“We are very excited to have the Living Language courses in the OpenSesame marketplace,” said Spencer Thornton, Director of Content for OpenSesame. “There is a high demand from customers for engaging and fun language training which is exactly what Living Language has done with their courses. Quality content that is affordable makes Living Language courses a winning combination.”

As more companies open foreign offices, call centers and import goods from overseas, the need for multilingual staff is growing exponentially. Living Language, an imprint of Random House LLC, has been providing effective language learning training for more than 65 years using the The Living Language Method™. The method is based on courses developed for the U.S. State Department’s overseas diplomats, and employs a four point approach to encourage fluency. By delivering the training through elearning courses, users can access exclusive interactive content, like games and quizzes, to aid with retention and recall of a language.

“One of our goals at Living Language is to share the experience and the importance of learning a language with travelers, businesses, and students,” said Dan Zitt, Vice President, Content Production for Living Language. “Working with OpenSesame has given us a platform to share our online course content with people who value the cultural and professional benefits of being able to communicate with people around the globe.”

OpenSesame customers will be able to access 42 Living Language courses covering 14 languages including: Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and English for non-native speakers. Living Language plans to add courses throughout the year in such languages as Hindi, Irish, Hebrew and Greek, to name a few.